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Five Reasons to Wear Custom Jewelry

Jewelry Collection

You can afford to cultivate your jewelry collection. Purchasing custom jewelry allows your collection to grow both in variety and depth. One of my favorite insider tricks is to shop online for custom jewelry. This can save a significant amount of money if bought through a reputable source. Actually, I’ve curated a group with that’s stylish and entertaining. Other pieces I picked are exquisite cubic zirconium jewels which are luxe enough to wear on the red carpet while some of the pieces are stapled pieces including fine hoop earrings and bangles.

Investment Pieces

Custom jewelry enables you to stay on-tendency while spending a bulk of your cash on investment pieces. This really is one of the things I love about shopping from shops or sites. I can remain up-to-date with all of the current trends but also concentrate my budget on investment pieces with classic crazes.

Travel Jewelry

I honestly believe every man and woman should have a set of travel jewelry composed of replicas of their designer and high-end jewelry to bring on vacation. When traveling it’s much easier for your valuables stolen or to get lost. Having a set of fine, expensive-looking jewelry that’s a copy of the real thing save you the heartache if they’re stolen and will save yourself from the anxiety of traveling with your pieces that are precious.

Mix and Match

Mix your pieces in with the designer or high-end pieces. Mixing and matching pieces of designs and different values are actually the tall tale sign of someone with the design. Not everything needs to be expensive to appear great, and combining distinct pieces of jewelry helps to create different and depth textures. read more…

8 Types of Jewelry For Men

There’s a fine line between not enough and too much when it comes to men’s jewelry. But do not worry because we understand that selecting jewelry for guys can be a daunting task, particularly if you aren’t familiar with it.

Types of Men’s Jewelry

Lots of men’s jewelry, including chains, watches, and rings, will look familiar to girls. There’s another jewelry that’s intended for particular clothing. The majority of the following bits are ideal for a guy that loves suits and also the other finer things in life. Added kinds of men’s jewelry reflect specific sports teams or pop culture images.


CufflinksAll these are the greatest accessories for guys who like to look dapper. Cufflinks hold cuffs closed, and they’ll fit on most men’s dress shirts. They are often produced from gemstones, silver, enamel, gold, and other precious stuff. Because they stretch an inch or two past the sleeves cufflinks are nearly always visible. This is a great opportunity for a guy to accessorize, especially since there are so many designs. Think about a guy’s interests and see if there is a suitable layout of cufflinks.

Men’s Earrings

Men's EarringsMen’s EarringsIf a man has his ears pierced, then buying a good pair of earrings for him makes your choice easy. Concentrate on finding basic earrings which are created out of jewels and precious metals since most men prefer to wear studs. Branching out to diamond earrings is an excellent choice for guys having a more daring awareness of style. For an, even more, audacious man, colored gemstones are an excellent choice. This is the perfect opportunity to integrate his birthstone. read more…

A Custom Engagement Ring Tells Your Love Story

There are lots of means to say “I love you”, and of course, a magnificent diamond engagement ring isn’t the single method to do it. The best thing about an engagement ring is the long line of tradition behind the engagement ring. Requesting someone to spend the rest of their life with you can be somewhat an important question to inquire, once women had the autonomy to decide relating to this question rather than relying on their father for that answer and this was particularly strong.

Personal autonomy represented through an engagement ring as well as the response to that question that is significant and affection and the love is a crucial section of a union, as well as the development of the best custom engagement ring, has a lot to do with your amazing narrative. At the close of the day, you can choose to propose yet you prefer, but why not do it with an engagement ring that you create only for her?

There are a lot of wonderful stories of beautiful engagement rings, custom made and designed with such love and affection that it merely makes your heart meltdown. The Diamond Reserve is a fantastic spot to make your custom ring as they are so well versed in the craft of crafting and creating exquisite rings that really speak to the love you have for the man in your heart you would like to wed. One such example of a beautiful creation created at the Diamond Reserve is a stunning ring that literally tells the love story of the couple the ring was made for. read more…

Difference between Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones

In today’s market, there are actually hundreds of gemstones to choose from. The list of gemstones below will discuss the difference between a precious stone and a semi-precious stone, in addition, to guiding you to where the gemstone treatments are discussed.

What Is A Precious Stone?

What’s the difference between precious stones and semi-precious jewels? These terms are based on old traditions from the west. These days, all gemstones are considered precious simply because they’re all uncommon and there is a restricted supply of those.

The standard listing of gemstones that are considered precious stones are:
  • Diamond
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald

All other gemstones are considered as being semi-precious stones. All these are previous terms and not always accurate these days.

A List Of Precious and Semi Precious Stones

read more…

Jewelry Care and Cleaning for Men

Many customers believe they should visit a physical jewelry store to have their wedding rings and jewelry items professionally cleaned, but it’s actually quite straightforward to take care of your jewelry at home. Below are some affordable and simple advice on how to keep your men’s rings and jewelry appearing dazzling and clean as the day you purchased them.

Basic Jewelry Care

Most substances can be easily cleaned with a homemade solution of a mild dish soap and also warm water. Only apply the soapy solution to the jewelry thing using a soft cloth, rinse, and pat dry with another cloth that is soft. There is numerous well-performing store bought cleaners for jewelry, like Tarn-X and Brasso. But, before applying any cleaning solution to jewelry, always ensure that you double check in the event the jewelry fabric has exceptions or any particular conditions. If you’re unsure, you can always do a little spot test on a hidden section of the jewelry.

An old toothbrush is a great tool for getting into crevices of intricate designs or for cleaning gemstones like diamonds.

Jewelry attention is not just about cleaning – make sure when you’re not wearing them to carefully keep jewelry items, that they will not rub, preferably in their own jewelry cases or bags or bang against each other.

In addition, to safely keeping your jewelry items, take care when you’re wearing them. read more…

Gemstones That Change In Colors

Are you aware there are such things as colour changing gemstones? Colour changes under different lighting sources from natural sunlight to different or fluorescent internal lights. These colour shifting gemstones come from numerous families of minerals including Alexandrite, Garnets, and some Sapphires.

There is still a great deal of confusion regarding colour gemstones that are altering. Many people are still using the old technique of assessing between fluorescent and incandescent lights, which is not adequate. Worse still, some folks aren’t checking for colour change. This is among the most important weaknesses of modern gemology and one that really needs to be addressed regularly.

The most high-priced and well-known colour changing gemstone is the Alexandrite. Below are some pictures of the beautiful phenomena.


Defining Colour Change In Color Changing Gemstones

It’s going to be obvious if you think for a minute about it. Electric lights have only existed for a bit over a century, but the colour change happenings in colour changing gemstones have been knowing for much longer. Originally, it was defined as the difference folks viewed between sunlight and firelight, be that from a candle, oil lamp, or whatever. So the definition was modified to be a comparison between electric and natural lights.

Here are pictures of a Garnet. This is among the most widely available colour shifting gemstones on the market nowadays. read more…